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What Is Racial Identity Development?

Racial Identity Development is the movement toward an understanding and conscious development of one’s own positive racial group identity.

Cross Cultural Counseling Relationships

A Workshop on Racial Identity Development for Therapists

Course Description

Expand your knowledge of race and improve your multi-cultural skills in the therapeutic relationship. This workshop series is designed to help therapists learn how to discuss race amongst themselves and their clients of color. Participants will learn about the stages of racial identity for all, and showcase the importance of developing an educated approach to the racial differences in the therapeutic relationship and discuss how to bridge these skills into practice.

Participants in the workshop will be able to:

  • Improve their understanding of multi-cultural skills in the therapeutic relationship.
  • Understand how the racial identity models are applicable to the development of a White/Black therapeutic relationship.
  • Increase their awareness of racial privilege, institutional discrimination, and systemic racism.
  • Improve multi-cultural, racial, diversity awareness, attitudes, knowledge, and skills.
  • Enhance their racial/ethnic identity development.

Price: $200.00- Per Person For 6 Vermont CEUs. 6 Hours (3- two-hour sessions) 

Price: $175.00- Per Person For No Vermont CEUs. 6 Hours (3-two-hour sessions)

Price:$150.00- Per Person For groups and agencies with 10 or more people. For 6 Vermont CEUs. 6 Hours (3- two-hour sessions) 

biracial adoption

Transracial Adoption and Multi-Racial Families

Talking To Our Children About Race (Individual Family Workshops Available)

Course Description

For multi-racial families, unique and very personal issues arise around conversations about race. More often than not, parents are unprepared for the things they hear from others related to race. They are also unprepared to have conversations with their children and other family members around race.

In this training, families will be able to take a dive into these conversations. Paramount to these conversations about race are the stages of racial identity development for both White parents and their children of color. Offered in this workshop will be information, clarification, integration, and celebration around race and ethnicity.

Participants in the workshop will be able to:

  • Understand racial identity development for both White people and people of color.
  • Be able to have open and educated conversations about race with their children and community members.
  • Understand the stages of when youth begin to discover and question race.
  • Get resources to support their children of color and the family as a whole.
  • Become more culturally educated and aware.

Price: $75.00- Per Person For 6 Hours (3- two-hour sessions)

Price: $125- Per Couple For 6 Hours (3-two-hour sessions)

school training

Teachers and Educators

Self-Reflective Approach to Teaching Students of Color

Course Description

As new courses and discussions around race are introduced into the curriculum in
many schools around the country educators may be looking for ways to understand
racial identity development for both White teachers and their students of color. How
can you feel comfortable talking about race when you as a person who identifies as
White has never had their skin color define them? This can be a difficult place to be.

Participants in the workshop will be able to:

  • Identify and understand the stages of White Racial Identity Development.
  • Identify Racial Identity for people of color.
  • Explore how Racial Identity Development transfers to the classroom and curriculum.
  • Have educated conversations with other educators on Racial Identity for people who identify as white.

Price: $150.00- Includes 4-6 hour training

teaching racial identity develpment

Self-Reflective Approach to Discussions On Race

Stages of identity development for both people in the white racial group and those of color

Course Description

As someone who identifies as White, you might be wondering where you fit into this conversation on race. It can be scary and intimidating to engage in conversation about race. Part of understanding someone else’s walk through the world is understanding your own White racial identity, that you as a person in the White racial group actually have a racial identity.

This workshop will help you to understand and gain a positive White racial identity through understanding the stages of White identity development. As we are exposed to different experiences, our racial selves move through stages of awareness about race and hopefully begin to reach out to others from different racial groups to have positive, educated, and mutually supportive conversations about race.

Participants in the workshop will be able to:

  • Identify and understand the stages of White Racial Identity Development.
  • Identify stages of Racial Identity for people of color and how you can help support the students of color as they move from one stage to another.
  • Understand what blocks racial identity development.
  • Be able to think of self in racial terms.
  • Have more comfortable and educated conversations about race.
  • Understand racial identity development for people of color.
  •  Understanding how being aware of where someone else is in their racial identity development can bring you to a more compassionate and understanding, supportive mindset around race.

Price: $100.00- 2 hour training

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Reasons for Expanding Your Knowledge of Race

Improve Communication

Open family channels of communication about race

Racial Identity Awareness

Expanding cross-racial counseling awareness

Build Relationships

Build Trust

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