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Single Participant. The duration of this workshop is 6 hours broken up into 3- two-hour sessions. 

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What People Are Saying

"I greatly appreciated Amanda's framing of white guilt and to make sure people don't feel shamed, but focused on how to take action. I appreciated how Amanda was working through her own racial identity and demonstrated how to show up with grace and compassion for those still struggling through the process."

"Amanda was an excellent trainer. I appreciated the different teaching/learning mediums used and resources shared.Thanks so much!"

"Very informative. Essential information that we were looking for, well presented. Enjoyed the interaction. Amanda is wonderful and shares her knowledge and insight well. Much appreciated."

"Amanda, this is a great workshop. You fit so much into the time allotted. I wondered if you do follow up groups with participants. I believe these issues evolve as your child gets older. My 30-year-old son recently has faced some racial issues at two different jobs that have challenged him as one of the few employees of color in employment where the supervisors are all white."