A Developmental Approach To Stages of Racial Identity

Where other trainings on DEI “call you out” Amethyst Affinity workshops “call you in” to the conversation.

Counseling Cross Racially and Cross Culturally

A Workshop on Racial Identity Development for Therapists

Transracial Adoption and Multi-Racial Families

Talking to our Children about Race

Teachers and Educators

Self-Reflective Approach to Teaching Students of Color

Self-Reflective Approach to Discussions On Race

Stages of identity development for both people in the white racial group and those of color

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Hello! I’m Amanda

Master’s In Community Counseling and Organizational Leadership

I perform youth advocacy work for organizations in both rural and urban settings ,in both in school and after- school programs . I also design, facilitate and train workers in programming and youth development and best practices. Most recently I was appointed a seat on the Vermont Governor’s Workforce Equity and Diversity Council.

My Expertise

Youth Advocacy

Community Counseling

Program Design

Youth Development

Cultural Diversity

Racial Identity Development

Workshop Goals

To explore racial identity development for both Black and White racial groups in order to be more cognizant that people from different racial and ethnic backgrounds have different experiences and realities as they move through the world.  

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