A Workshop On White Identity Development


Single Participant. The duration of this workshop is 2 hours. 


As someone who identifies as White, you might be wondering where you fit into this conversation on race. This workshop will help you to understand and gain a positive White racial identity through understanding the stages of White identity development. As we are exposed to different experiences, our racial selves move through stages of awareness about race and ultimately begin to connect with others from different racial groups to have positive, educated, and mutually supportive conversations about race.

Participants in the workshop will be able to:

  • Identify and understand the stages of White Racial Identity Development.
  • Identify experiences that help change racial awareness and move people to the next stage.
  • Understand what blocks racial identity development.
  • Be able to think of self in racial terms.
  • Have more comfortable and educated conversations about race.
  • Understand racial identity development for people of color.
  • How understanding where someone else is in their racial identity development can bring you to a more compassionate and understanding mindset around race.


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